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            2ofaKind (a Review)

Click Here to Visit 2ofaKind 

Available Niches:
Adult Dating Service - Heterosexual

What they promise:    

With the launch of their Internet matchmaking system, 2ofaKind Online is offering global residents a unique way to connect with other highly compatible penpals for fun, friendship and romance. 

At the heart of the system is their online Match Kit which makes it easy for users to program every aspect of the matchmaking themselves. Participants select from over 150 areas of interests and compatibility and design their own screening and scoring system to evaluate other applicants. "Typical matchmaking services rely on preprogrammed value judgments to determine matches", explains Sal Prano, the President of 2ofaKind Online. "Our users not only selects what they like, they select how much they like it and how important it is in relation to everything else." 

Other distinct features of the service include match analysis reports and anonymous email forwarding. Users can participate free or have weekly match reports delivered to their email for $1 per match. And unlike traditional "dating services" which have earned a reputation for being risky, unrealistic, and awkward to use, 2ofaKind can offer its single surfers exciting new possibilities. 

"The vast majority of singles services online now are the same old systems in a different package", Sal explains. "They don't take full advantage of the technology. Women need a secure, practical way to screen and evaluate the variety of potential mates. Men need to save time and energy by focusing on the most compatible candidates who are most likely to respond. We provide those tools. To try to effectively evaluate as many people using personal ads and chat lines would take a lifetime." 

At 2ofaKind Online they advise participants to "have fun and make friends and let anything beyond that develop naturally." But if someone does have their heart set on romance, the staff will be quick to point out that "it takes a MATCH, to light a FLAME!" 

What we found: 

In one week, 2ofaKind will sort through more potential matches for you than an entire lifetime of searching yourself.  The ingenious technology of 2ofaKind uses matches that are crosschecked for qualifications and scored in up to 150 areas of compatibility.  This is quite an impressive system.  

In essence, 2ofaKind allows you to become your own matchmaker.  

A great time saver.  



Click Here to Visit 2ofaKind

2ofaKind Matchmaker - Is your soulmate out there? Find out using the Net's most powerful match system featuring 150 matchable traits and interests, match analysis, anonymous email, free registration!

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