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            Dating for Men


8 Characteristics That Give a Man The Best Chance To Score
For a man, successfully meeting women is all about how you ACT. 

Triggering Automatic Female Lust
Contrary to what you see every week on 'Sex and the City', women are the complete opposite of men in that, the more anonymous the sexual encounter, the LESS gratifying they find it to be.

10 Things Women Hate
10 things women hate about the way men respond (or not) on dating sites.  

Enlarging The Male Organ
Does having a bigger penis Ö make any significance at all regarding what a man is like, as a person, a lover, a friend, companion or husband?

Meeting Women Takes Awareness & Preparation
Want to know a pivotal secret of the mating & dating game?

When It Comes To The Dating Game Are You Playing With Scared Money
Notice how much energy is expended deciding how best to protect your money -- while little consideration is given to doing whatever it takes to actually WIN?

Some Essential Dating Advice For Men
If you're a single guy still looking for your dream woman, I'm sure you've absorbed lots of advice on how best to meet and date women by now.

How To Be A Nice Guy & Still Get Laid
When women imagine "nice guys" in their minds, what they're really dreaming about is a guy who makes them feel SAFE... but...

Penis Size Concerns
Everyday we see massive amounts of
advertisements across the net for penis enlargement.

How To Choose The Perfect Christmas Gift For Her
Itís that time of year again, time to choose the Christmas gift for the woman you love.

The Best Way To Pick Up A Girl
You see her across the room. Ah, so attractive.

When Trying To Pick Up Women, Always Work Alone
Maybe there's something to be said for going out with your buddies to work the bars and pick up women, but notice how rarely it ever actually seems to succeed?

5 Questions Men Want To Ask Women, But Daren't
There's just loads of things men want to know about women, but they're afraid to ask.

Women and Men
Will they ever understand each other? 

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