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Why Online Dating Is Better Than Dating In The Real World
More and more people find their love online. No wonder, says Marc de Jong. He thinks that online dating is even better than dating in the real world.

Am I Weird If I Date Online?
Donít be ashamed or afraid, learn the best and safest way to use the Internet to take control of your life and find the person you deserve!

Give Up To Get Love
Many times when people want to attract their ideal partner, they often make a list of things to do -- action steps, if you will -- that will help them meet "the one."

Body Imagitis
There is a terrible disease among us. It primarily affects women and, to a smaller degree, men. It is a killer of self-esteem, self respect and joy. It's called "Body Imagitis" and it strikes people from all walks of life.

Don't Compare Partners
Have you ever found yourself comparing your current partner to someone from your past, and finding your current partner lacking? 

Before we can feel compassion for anyone else, we must learn to feel compassion for ourselves.

Compassion, Part Two
Having compassion toward others is a gift of connectedness you give yourself and a gift of presence you give others.

Living Your Life Mission
Living your life mission automatically attracts your ideal partner.

Decorate Your Love Life
Christmas time, Winter Solstice or whatever holiday you celebrate provides you with an abundance of ways to have fun with your partner and spice things up in the bedroom or whatever room you like.

Do You Love Someone Who Suffers From Depression
Relationships in which one individual is depressed are nine times more likely to divorce.

Reader Q&A
Common Q & A's about relationships. 

Marriage Minded
What are the qualities you look for in a potential husband or wife?

Will You Marry Me?
There is no other time, than the beginning of a relationship, when couples verbally express their love for each other. This is especially true for wedding proposals.

10 Things I Learned About Divorce
For anyone who hasn't been divorced, trust me, divorce is never what you imagine it to be. Here are a few insights that may save you a trip to court, or at the very least, give you some idea of what may lie ahead.

True Romance For Couples With Kids
Anyone can splurge on a formal dinner or a pricey bottle of perfume, but it takes creativity, forethought, and time to be truly romantic.

Seeing Good or Available Partners
The issue is not about what types of singles are in your community or whether there are any good men or women left.

Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?
What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Glad you asked. Here's a list of life areas impacted by social anxiety

Surviving A Long Distance Relationship
The truth is, a long distance relationship has
just as much a chance of succeeding as any other relationship!

Making Time For Romance

The Trouble With Love
When one loves another but the second party doesn't share the other's affection, it falls under the category of infatuation rather than love.

Magic Personified
Real or make-believe?.......that is the question. Can we find a way to determine if the person we are falling for online is REAL??

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