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            Sex & Dating

Sex and dating are two things that will eventually find a common bond (pun intended), and the following articles will give you even more ideas to consider when it comes to exploring these carnal pleasures.  

As they sometimes say: You can't take sex with you, so you might as well wear it out here. 

The art of seduction is not the daunting task you may think it is.

Differing Sexual Needs
Understand your sexual needs, and how they can differ from others.

Friends - With Benefits
The dating life is mediocre, and you've got no prospects. But as we've proven time and time again, we're a resourceful bunch.

Hormonal Heaven
How big a priority on a scale of one to ten is passion in your relationship right now?

Light Your Lover's Fire
If your love life needs a little spicing-up, spend a lustful evening with your lover indulging in the following aromatic creations.

It's Never About Sex
In my work with relationships, it became very clear to me that people’s feelings about the quality of their sexual relationship is a fantastic guide to the quality of their relationship.

The Perfect Reason For More Sex
Satisfaction with your relationship leads to you making more opportunities for sex. More frequent sex leads to happier couples and happier couples have sex more than unhappy couples.

Sexual Energy
How open are we when it comes to talking about sex? We are all so captivated, yet intimidated and shy about sex.

Infidelity - Again?
Did you know that the majority of people who have experienced infidelity in their relationship will likely experience it again - even if they move on to other relationships

Why Marital Sex Often Dies
Research indicates that over 55% of married women are not interested in having sex with their husbands.

I Saw Him Masturbating
The act of solo-sex meets certain needs that partner-sex doesn't-it's a sexual experience when performance is not an issue.

Mutual Masturbation
Okay so most of us know how to masturbate alone and probably do so quite often when the need arises, but we can also use masturbation as a couple to add a little variety to our sexual
smorgasbord and to spice things up a bit.

Sex, Lies, And Relationships
Have you ever had a strong desire to have sex with someone other than your partner, and didn't know what to do with it?

Fantastic Positions For Her and Him
Using a variety of positions when having sex can serve many purposes. With each position we can achieve different goals.

Sex And The Single Mom
Single moms, more so than anyone, have to be exceedingly careful about the type of man they select as life-long partners.

Sex And The Soul
One of the factors that cause sex to create such great difficulty in our relationships is because sexual energy and spiritual energy feel very similar.

Using Sex Addictively
When you want to make love to her, why are you wanting to make love? What is motivating you?

Sex And The New Relationship
The reality is that, no matter how wonderful things seem on the first or second date, this is not enough time to deeply care about someone. And sex without deep caring might be a physically satisfying experience, but it is flat emotionally and spiritually.

Accomplishing Sexual Greatness
If you learn to adapt to the new
stages in your relationships, you can keep your passion fire burning and experience a sexual greatness you never thought you could accomplish!

Why Do I Need Clitoral Stimulation?
In addition, the Kinsey Institute reported that it takes a man, on average, only three minutes to climax while women peak after 15 long minutes!

Why Have Soul Satisfying Sex, And What Is It?
Any activity that is soul-satisfying is something that nurtures our soul, makes us feel whole, complete, satisfied, euphoric, deeply connected with the universe, God, or whatever your spiritual connections.

Spice Up Routine Sexual Activities
One of the biggest complaints among couples is that sex becomes routine and loses some of the excitement.

Stimulate Arousal With Erotic Videos
We can use erotic videos for a variety of purposes other than the obvious. Of course the most obvious being that it is visually stimulating and can heighten our arousal and excitement level.

Women Have Fantasies, Too
Sexual fantasies are an intriguing subject...and not only men have them. The truth is, women have them too, but they are limited to three general types.

Aromatherapy To Awaken Your Sexual Spirit
What is the connection between sex and spirituality? Everything!

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Discover The Secrets Behind Great Sex... And Turn Your Bed Into More Than Just A Place To Sleep!

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